Burgers to Beat MS and Peterborough’s Home for People Who Are Deafblind

We begin the last episode of the Summer season by chatting with Anne Driscoll, Fundraising and Outreach Co-ordinator for the Peterborough office of the MS Society about a fundraiser being run on August 22 called Burgers to Beat MS. Next, we listen to a recorded tour of a home on Earlwood Drive that has been particularly designed with people who are deafblind in mind. Members of area Lions Clubs were on hand to ask all the questions along with Devon.

“Fake Service Dogs”, and sleep disturbances among people with no light perception

To commemorate International Assistance Dog Week, we begin this episode with an chat that Devon had with Barb Robinson and Elaine Hewitt about the ongoing issue of “Fake service dogs”.  Next, we turn our attention to an article that Devon wrote several years ago about sleep disturbances that can affect people with no light perception, and how Melatonin can bring the biolofical time clock back into better working order.

Blindshell Classic Phone and boxing moves assist people with balance issues

We begin by listening to a presentation by Carrie Morales of LiveAccessible.com about the Blindshell Classic Phone, which is an alternative for people who have difficulty mastering touchscreens.

Next we speak with Joe Dawson, a mixed martial artist who has discovered that boxing moves can assist individuals with balance issues, such as those brought on by Parkinson’s Disease.

Introduction of a new co-host, A demonstration of audible traffic signals, and people with disabilities can enjoy astronomy, too

Devon  begins by introducing a new co-host, Bob Crysler, a veteran broadcaster with both CHEX-TV and CHEX Radio, and a current member of the Peterborough Amateur Radio Club.   Next, we hear a repeat airing of a live demonstration of audible traffic signals with Leann Carpenter, Orientation and Mobility Specialist with the CNIB office here in Peterborough.  Finally, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing, Devon speaks with David Mills, president of the Peterborough Astronomy Association about how people with disabilities can enjoy the hobby of astronomy along with everybody else.

The Stanley Cup in Lindsay, Stevie Wonder’s pending kidney transplant and Leader Dogs in Canada

First, Phyllis Dobbie, who has co-hosted the show from time to time, chats with Devon about seeing the Stanley Cup in Lindsay.

Second, we hear an article about Stevie Wonder’s kidney transplant in September.

Finally, Devon talks with John Morris who has been reapponited as Lion’s district A3 chair for Leader Dogs.

History of Holnbeck Award, and Jason Chessar

First, Devon speaks with Gloria Hatter from Belleville, ON, who is the daughter of the couple who established the Gordon and Arbie Holnbeck award in 1989.

Next, we revisit an interview that Simon Treviranus did last summer with entertainer and magician Jason Chessar.

Happy Canada Day!

Our first chat is with Donna Jodhan, Chair of Barrier-Free Canada about the recently enacted Accessible Canada Act, and how we can ask about it during upcoming all-candidates debates.

Next, we listen to Leslie Yee, Chair of the Peterborough chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind, as she demonstrates a product called E-Sight.

If you listen to the very end of this podcast, you’ll get into the spirit of the day for sure.

The Checkered Eye and a New Tupperware Consultant

We begin by speaking with Libby Thaw, who initiated the Checkered Eye project for people who wish to identify as having a visual impairment. Next, we chat with Christel Galachiuk, who has just become a Tupperware consultant in spite of having no sight.

Ride Don’t Hide and Ham Radio Field Day

We begin this week by speaking with Katie McLaughlin from the Canadian Mental Health Association about a fundraiser called Ride Don’t Hide.

Next, we chat with Keith Smith from the Peterborough Amateur Radio Club about an event called Field Day where everyone can see for themselves what ham radio is all about.

Fighting Blindness Canada and highlights from National AccessAbility Week

We begin by speaking with Maija Tuohima who tells us about her upcoming 50 km tandem bicycle ride to raise funds for Fighting Blindness Canada.

During our last half hour, Simon treats us to recorded highlights from National AccessAbility Week.