Get Together with Kim; Accessible Voting Polls.

First, on our monthly feature called Get Together with Kim, which had to be postponed for a week because of Labour Day, I chat with Kim Kilpatrick from Get Together with Technology in Ottawa about both the accessibility of the actual voting process.  We also chatted briefly about important pieces of technology to have on hand to have on hand for a new school year.

Next, I speak with Alec Denys, the local Accessibility Communications Officer for Elections Canada.

AMI’s coverage of the upcoming Paralympic Games; Interview with Two-time Olympian and Peterborough Native Cody Caldwell; Upcoming Old-Time Radio Marathon.

We begin with the latest news on coverage of the upcoming Paralympic Games that will be supplied by Accessible Media Inc.—AMI in co-operation with CBC.

Next, I speak with two-time Paralympian and Peterborough native Cody Caldwell before he leaves for his wheelchair rugby tournament in Tokyo.

Finally, I chat with Larry Gassman from Fullerton, California about an old-time radio marathon scheduled for Saturday, August 28.

Several Items from Fighting Blindness Canada, Including Ride for Sight: Recycling Project by The East Peterborough Lions Club, Promo for Paralympic Update, Demonstration of E-Sight.

First, Doug Earle, Executive Director of Fighting Blindness Canada speaks with us about various ongoing projects and fundraising activities, not the least of which is Ride for Sight.

Next, Frank Hewitt and Mike Brioux from the East Peterborough Lions Club tell us how recycling pill bottles, eye glasses, and hearing aids can benefit people around the world.  I talk about a daily podcast which I’ll be doing during the Paralympic Games because the TV coverage is so poor compared to what the coverage of the Olympics was, and play a promo for the podcast.  Finally, I dig back into the archives for a chat with Leslie Yee who demonstrates a device called E-sight.

Get Together with Kim; International Assistance Dog Week: and A Frankie Assessment of Service Dog Training.

As we do at the beginning of each month, Kim Kilpatrick from Get Together with Technology speaks to us from Ottawa, this time about the apps that Blind and Partially sighted can use to carry the Olympics with them wherever they go.

Next, I did back into the archives for a chat with Marcie Davis from New Mexico, founder of International Assistance Dog Week.

We finish by listening to an article written by my guide dog, Frankie called A Frankie Assessment of Service Dog Training.

Lynda Todd Wins Art Award, The Victor Reader Trek, Demonstration of Oracle Talking Glucometre.

First, visually impaired artist tells us about an award that she has won, and a calendar which will bear a painting of hers. Next, because this is Summer, and people or out and about more often, we reach into the archives for John Morris’s demonstration of a device called the Victor Reader Trek. Finally, I show people with diabetes and a visual impairments how to use an Oracle Talking Glucometre.

The Facts and Myths about Migraines; CNIB Lake Joe Centre’s 60th Anniversary.

Our first guest is Dr. Elizabeth Leroux from Montreal.  She is Chair of the board for Migraine Canada, as well as a neurologist and headache specialist.  She and I discuss the facts and myths about migraines.

Next up is a chat with Sheri Helsdingen, CNIB Lake Joe’s Manager of Community Engagement.  We talk about what things were like when the centre first opened in 1961, renovations that have been done over the years, how the centre has managed during the pandemic, and celebrations and fundraisers in store for the 2021 season.

Simple Savings: Advocacy Resources and Dealing with Legal matters Pro Bono; Fifth in Concert Series Presented by CCB Toronto Visionaries.

Because this is the second episode of the month, we begin with our feature called Simple Savings.  This time, Lynda Todd and I chat about advocacy resources that are free, and dealing with legal matters free of charge as well.

Next, I chat via Zoom with pianist and violinist Stelth Ng, who will be performing a concert to be presented on Saturday, July 17 by the CCB Toronto Visionaries.  Everyone is invited, and donations will be gratefully received.  We finish the show by listening to a beautiful piece of music entitle Beau Soir, featuring Stelth Ng on both piano and violin.

Get Together with Kim, Featuring Global Positioning Systems, and People with Disabilities Participating in Astronomy.

This being the first episode of July, I chat first with Kim Kilpatrick in our feature called Get Together with Kim.  This time,we focus on global positioning systems.  We also invite listeners to send any technical questions to:

Hopefully, August’s Get Together with Kim will be a question show.

Next, we dig back into the archives a couple of years, and repeat a chat with David Mills, president of the Peterborough Astronomical Association about how people with disabilities can enjoy the hobby of astronomy.


This time, we devote the whole hour to a discussion of an app that is quite popular these days, particularly among members of the blindness community. Leading the discussion are Larry and John Gassman, along with Jeff Bishop in a chat room called Tech Talk.

Deafblind Awareness Month; Five Counties Children Centre

June is Deafblind Awareness Month.  We mark the occasion by speaking with Karen Madho, Senior Public Relations Co-ordinator with Deafblind Ontario.

Next, if you’re anything like me, you’ve heard of Five Counties Children Centre, but you don’t know a whole lot about it.  Linsie Kampf, who is a member of the centre’s fundraising team, brings us up-to-date as to all the services offered there.