Dyslexia Awareness Month; 5-Phase Study about keeping Peterborough Moving; Current State and Future Changes to Peterborough Transit

October is International Dyslexia Awareness Month. We begin this episode by chatting with Alicia Smith, CEO of International Dyslexia Association Ontario in general, and specifically, about Read October.

Peterborough is undergoing a 5-phase study about keeping Peterborough moving, regardless of whether it’s traffic management, pedestrian traffic, or bus transportation.  I speak with Vinod Soman, who reviews the five phases for us.

And finally, Laurie Stratton and Trevor Perreira chat with me about the current state and future changes regarding Peterborough Transit.

Simple Savings; TOPS—Taking Off Pounds Sensibly; Fundraisers for CCB Peterborough.

We begin with a chat with Lynda Todd and her monthly feature entitled Simple Savings.  Because October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, Lynda has a look at many of the employment agencies in and around Peterborough that will assist people with disabilities in searching for employment for free.

Next, excess weight isn’t good for many people with disabilities.  I chat with Lucy Pitcher about an organization called TOPS—Take Off Pounds Sensibly.

This is the time of year when the Peterborough chapter of the CCB—Canadian Council of The Blind does much of its fundraising.  Treasurer Aileen Hill talks with me about the poinsettias, calendars, and jewelry organizers which will make excellent Christmas gifts.

Get Together with Kim; Medication Safety Awareness for The Blind Month, and Peer Support aka Adjustment to Vision Loss.

As we do each month, we start October off by chatting with Kim Kilpatrick, Co-ordinator of the Get Together with Technology program.  This time, we compare smart speakers.

October is Medication Safety Awareness for The Blind Month.  From her office in Palmetto, Florida, Jenna Reed of Envision America describes and demonstrates a device and an app called ScripTalk, both of which will read prescription bottles for people who are blind.

Finally, I chat with Caitlin Bruce, Eastern Ontario lead for CNIB’s Peer Support Program, which is now being referred to as Adjustment to Vision Loss.

A Comparison of Be My Eyes and AIRA; Devon’s Rant About Her Inaccessible Election Experience.

First, for the benefit of our new listeners, we listen to a demonstration done by BC’s Albert Ruelle of Be My Eyes and AIRA.  Both apps can be used to summon assistance if no one with sight is nearby, but Be My Eyes is manned by volunteers and is free, while AIRA is run by trained professionals and is not free.

I finish off the program by relating my less than satisfactory voting experience in the Fall, 2021 federal election.

Simple Savings; Blood Cancer Awareness Month; World Alzheimer’s Awareness Day.

We begin the program by chatting with Lynda Todd about Simple Savings.  This month, Lynda discusses coupon clipping, and finding websites that offer items for free, or close to it.

September is Blood Cancer Awareness Month.  Our second chat from September, 2020 is with Neda Pajuman from the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.  It deals with the prevalence of such blood diseases as leukemit, Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

September 14 was World Alzheimer Awareness Day.  We finish the program by fishing back into the archives, and listening to a large excerpt of an interview with Sarah Cook from the Peterborough office of the Alzheimer’s Society of Canada.

Get Together with Kim; Accessible Voting Polls.

First, on our monthly feature called Get Together with Kim, which had to be postponed for a week because of Labour Day, I chat with Kim Kilpatrick from Get Together with Technology in Ottawa about both the accessibility of the actual voting process.  We also chatted briefly about important pieces of technology to have on hand to have on hand for a new school year.

Next, I speak with Alec Denys, the local Accessibility Communications Officer for Elections Canada.

AMI’s coverage of the upcoming Paralympic Games; Interview with Two-time Olympian and Peterborough Native Cody Caldwell; Upcoming Old-Time Radio Marathon.

We begin with the latest news on coverage of the upcoming Paralympic Games that will be supplied by Accessible Media Inc.—AMI in co-operation with CBC.

Next, I speak with two-time Paralympian and Peterborough native Cody Caldwell before he leaves for his wheelchair rugby tournament in Tokyo.

Finally, I chat with Larry Gassman from Fullerton, California about an old-time radio marathon scheduled for Saturday, August 28.

Several Items from Fighting Blindness Canada, Including Ride for Sight: Recycling Project by The East Peterborough Lions Club, Promo for Paralympic Update, Demonstration of E-Sight.

First, Doug Earle, Executive Director of Fighting Blindness Canada speaks with us about various ongoing projects and fundraising activities, not the least of which is Ride for Sight.

Next, Frank Hewitt and Mike Brioux from the East Peterborough Lions Club tell us how recycling pill bottles, eye glasses, and hearing aids can benefit people around the world.  I talk about a daily podcast which I’ll be doing during the Paralympic Games because the TV coverage is so poor compared to what the coverage of the Olympics was, and play a promo for the podcast.  Finally, I dig back into the archives for a chat with Leslie Yee who demonstrates a device called E-sight.

Get Together with Kim; International Assistance Dog Week: and A Frankie Assessment of Service Dog Training.

As we do at the beginning of each month, Kim Kilpatrick from Get Together with Technology speaks to us from Ottawa, this time about the apps that Blind and Partially sighted can use to carry the Olympics with them wherever they go.

Next, I did back into the archives for a chat with Marcie Davis from New Mexico, founder of International Assistance Dog Week.

We finish by listening to an article written by my guide dog, Frankie called A Frankie Assessment of Service Dog Training.

Lynda Todd Wins Art Award, The Victor Reader Trek, Demonstration of Oracle Talking Glucometre.

First, visually impaired artist tells us about an award that she has won, and a calendar which will bear a painting of hers. Next, because this is Summer, and people or out and about more often, we reach into the archives for John Morris’s demonstration of a device called the Victor Reader Trek. Finally, I show people with diabetes and a visual impairments how to use an Oracle Talking Glucometre.