Engineering Month and a demonstration of the Google Home Mini

We begin this jam-packed episode by listening to a brief address given to the local chapter of the Canadian Council of The Blind by Carlos, a trainer from Leader Dogs in Rochester, Michigan who was in town to provide a client with home training.  Next, co-host Simon Treviranus celebrates March as Engineering Month by recapping an engineering symposium which was held in Peterborough last October.  We follow that with a demonstration of the Google Home Mini.  Finally, because March is also Liver Month, we hear a repeat of an interview that co-host Devon Wilkins did with Dr. Morris Sherman of Liver Canada.

Send-Off Party for Three Special Olympic Athletes and International Women’s Day

First, Devon and Simon take us to a send-off party for three Special Olympic athletes headed to Abu Dhabi. Next, we celebrate International Women’s Day by speaking with the dynamic Hayley Burrett about her involvement in the community.

Art in the Dark Fundraiser for CNIB and Kim Parody and her service dog, Jack

First, we chat with Leslie Yee about the CNIB’s annual ‘Art in the Dark’ Fundraiser. Next, we speak with Kim Parody and her service dog, Jack, in preparation for the Lions Foundation of Canada’s ‘Walk for Dog Guides’ on May 26th.

Sleep Apnea, and three valuable press releases

First, Devon travels to Vital Air in the Alexander building where she speaks with respiratory therapist Norm Amirault about how sleep apnea leads to heart disease.  Then, Simon shares three media releases with us about exciting events that will be taking place very shortly.

St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church and The Peterborough Independent Podcasters

Accessibility is the word of the day! First, we speak with Sheryl Smith about the accessibility of the new space at The Mount which the congregation of St. Paul’s is about to move into. Next, we speak with Angelica Cooper board member of PIP (Peterborough Independent Podcasters) about their brand new accessibility team.

Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians and gold medal recipient

First, Marcia Yale from the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians outlines their scholarship program. And secondly, Suzanne Thomas explains how she became a recipient of a gold medal from the Ministry of Defense.

White Cane Week and Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

First, we speak with Leslie Yee, Vice President of the local chapter of The Canadian Council of the Blind – CCB – about plans for the annual ‘White Cane Week.’ Next, we hear from Sarah Cook, Public Education Coordinator of the local Alzheimer’s Society about Alzheimer’s Awareness Month.

Dance workshops for people with disabilities and the Lake Joseph Centre

In this episode, we chat with Wes Ryan who will be conducting a series of dance workshops for people with disabilities in Peterborough. We also talk with Eugene Chong, director of CNIB’s Lake Joseph Centre.