Screens Off For Sight; AMI’s Coverage of The Paralympic; Announcement of Grant to PCPD

We begin this busy hour by speaking with Doug Earle from Fighting Blindness Canada about an upcoming fundraiser called Screens Off for Sight.

Next, Greg David, Communications Manager with AMI—Accessible Media Inc. about the 40 hours of coverage that AMI will be providing for the Paralympics.

Finally, we sit in on an announcement of a grant from the provincial government to the Peterborough Council for People with Disabilities.

Cane vs. Canine; Virtual Events Surrounding White Cane Week.

This being the first Monday of the month, we begin with our monthly segment called Get Together with Kim.  Kim Kilpatrick is a program co-ordinator of Get Together with Technology, which is a wing of the Canadian Council of The Blind, CCB.  Because this is National White Cane Week, our topic of discussion is Cane Vs. Canine: the advantages and disadvantages of a white cane and a guide dog.

Following up on that same theme, we chat with Ian White, President of the CCB Toronto Visionaries about the virtual events that will take place in and around White Cane Week.

Dry Feb; Simple Savings: All Sorts of Ways to Save Money.

The Canadian Cancer Society is challenging people to try staying dry during the month of February.  Campaign Lead Barbara Acampado describes how the campaign will work.

Next, Lynda Todd, in our monthly feature called Simple Savings, outlines several ways that we can build up our savings account.

The Voice of Siri; Veronica Morris and Her Psychiatric Service Dog.

First, we dig back into the archives, and listen to an episode of a podcast called Eyes on Success, hosted by Peter and Nancy Torpee.  They introduced us to Susan Bennett, the voice of SIRI, which is used by many people with disabilities on their IDevices.

Next, because Bell Let’s Talk day is coming very shortly, we heard a presentation that a lady named Veronica Morris gave at a recent convention of Guide Dog Users Inc., GDUI.  She introduced attendees to her psychiatric service dog.

A New Home for From The Blind for The Blind; Phone It Forward; The Blindshell Classic Phone.

First, we hear exciting news from Debby Haryett, co-ordinator of From The Blind for The Blind here in Peterborough, and Jennifer Meek, who is the Director of Marketing at Charlotte Products.

Next, we dig back into the archives for a description by Catherine Forestell from CNIB of a program for people who can’t afford a cell phone called Phone It Forward.

Finally, we review a video of the Blindshell Classic Phone, which has buttons rather than a touch screen.  I also promise to provide a demonstration of my recently acquired Blindshell Classic 2.

What New Technology Will Be Introduced in 2022; Panel Discussion: Is Braille Still Relevant?

Kim Kilpatrick, co-ordinator of Get Together with Technology, talks with us on our monthly feature called Get Together with Kim about the technology that might be coming down the pipe during 2022.

Next, in honour of World Braille Day, we hear a repeat of a panel discussion that took place back in 2019 about whether braille is still relevant.

Simple Savings; World Braille Literacy Month; An Accessible Box of Chocolates

This being the second Monday of the month, we present our feature with Lynda Todd called Simple Savings.  This month, Lynda talks with us about local apps that you can download.  She mentions a couple of seniors’ discounts as well.

January is World Braille Literacy Month.  Natalie Martiniello, president of Braille Literacy Canada is with us to tell us about all of the events that will be taking place.

Finally, we chat with Ramya Amuthan.  Her day job is as co-host of Kelly and Company on AMI-Audio.  Lately, though, she has also been serving as Accessibility Consultant for Purdy’s Chocolates.  She joins us to talk about a Holiday special box of chocolates which is totally readable by people who use braille.

Technology You Can Ask Santa For; Christmas Old-time Radio Marathon.

We begin with out monthly installment of Get Together with Kim,  a program co-ordinator with Get Together with Technology, a wing of the Canadian Council of The Blind.  This time, we check out what we can reasonably ask Santa to bring for us.

Next, we head all the way to Fullerton, California to chat with Larry Gassman, co-ordinator of Radio Out of The Past about the upcoming Christmas Old-Time Radio telethon.

We finish with a couple of seasonal musical selections.  The first is a speech synthesizer called Dectalk singing the carol Ding-dong Merrily on High.  The second is technology guru Jonathon Mosen from New Zealandsinging I Want A Google Drive for Christmas.

Help Needed to Achieve A Guinness World Record; A Conference to Commemorate The International Day of Persons with Disabilities; AEBC Toronto Hosts Holiday Trivia Fundraiser.

First, we speak with Chad Leaman from the BC-based Neale Squire Foundation.  The foundation wants to mark the International Day of Persons with Disabilities by asking as many people as possible to take a lesson in assistive technology in one day.

Next, Christine Zanier, president of the Toronto chapter of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians—AEBC tells us about an afternoon-long conference which several organizations will be presenting called Breaking Barriers: Making The Invisible Visible.

Finally, Linda Spinney, vice-president of the Toronto chapter of the AEBC, and Wendy Home, co-chair of AEBC Toronto’s fundraising committee talk to us about a Holiday trivia evening.

War Amps of Canada: Giving Tuesday’s fundraiser of the Alliance of Equality of Blind Canadians.

First, we dig back into the archives for our 2019 chat with two employees of War Amps of Canada who tell us what it was like growing up in this area as amputees.  Jamie Lund is from Norwood, and Rachel Quilty is from Peterborough.

Next, we chat with Chantal Oakes all the way from Kelowna, BC about a fundraiser for the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians which begins on Giving Tuesday, and lasts during the month of December.