Get Together with Kim: The Latest News from Fighting Blindness Canada.

We begin with our monthly feature, Get Together with Kim.  This time, Kim Kilpatrick from the Canadian Council for The Blind’s Get Together with Technology chats with us about how to download books from CELA—the Centre for Equitable Library Access, formerly know as the CNIB Library.

Next, I chat with Doug Earle, Executive Director of Fighting Blindness Canada about the petition to the Ontario government, asking them to fund enough Luxturna treatments to help 42 fellow-Ontarions to maintain their current level of vision.  We also talk about the upcoming Cycle for Sight fundraiser.

Great Canadian Giving Challenge, and Walk for Leader Dogs for The Blind.

June is the time for the Great Canadian Giving Challenge.  We begin today’s show by chatting with Chantal Oakes all the way from Kelowna, BC, who is the Fundraising Chair of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians.

Next, I speak with Frank Hewitt, incoming president of the East Peterborough Lions Club about the Walk for Leader Dogs which he, along with John and Lyn Morris from the Chemong Lions Club will participate in this coming Saturday.

Get Together with Kim: Simple Savings.

Because I completely forgot our feature called Get Together with Kim on the first Monday of the month, May 10 was a good time to play catch-up.  Kim answers two questions for us.  Is Apple more blind person friendly, or is Android?  And which is the most useful: IPod Touches, IPhones, or IPads?

Next came the feature that was originally meant for the second Monday of the month: Simple Savings.  This time, Lynda Todd tells us all about the Access 2 card.

Taking A Gander Raffle; Ride, Don’t Hide; Covid Canine Miracle.

We begin this episode by chatting with Andrea Dawson, Chair of the board for Peterborough Council for Persons with Disabilities about a fundraising raffle called Taking A Gander.  The first prize is a trip for two to Gander, Newfoundland.

Next, I speak with Kelly Curtis, the health promoter for the local chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association about a fundraiser currently in progress called Ride, Don’t Hide.

Finally, we hear the story of how international co-operation made it possible for a Peterborough woman to get a guide dog from a training centre in Michigan without crossing the border.

Tru Faces, The Pandora Project; Demonstration of The Google Home Smart Speaker.

Emilee and Hannah Scheevers are two young ladies in this area who run a Facebook group called Tru Faces for young people with disabilities.  They, along with Leslie Yee, chair of our local chapter of the Canadian Council of the Blind—CCB to announce a new partnership between the two groups.

Next, I spoke with Peter Field from Victoria, BC about the Pandora Project.  He and several others are in the process of gathering information for a book which will reveal the history of the blindness community in Canada.  Another component of the project is a podcast called Tripple-Fisted, which discusses the past, present, and future.

Finally, we once again air a demonstration of the Google Home smart speaker.

Produce for Heros; Simple Savings: Discounts from Phone Companies: Kinsmen Catch The Ace

First, Lyndsay Robins visits me at home to let us all know about a new initiative for veterans, some of whom have acquired disabilities, called Product for Heros.

Next, we begin a new monthly feature with Lynda Todd called Simple Savings.  This time, we discuss not very well advertised discounts that we can get from the various phone providers in Canada.

Finally, we hear from Reid Manley about a fundraiser being conducted on behalf of several charitable organizations in this area called Kinsmen Catch The Ace.

Peddle for Hope Campain; Get Together with Kim, featuring scanners and scanner apps; and Derrick Newman-Still re. his three books.

April is Cancer Month, so we begin by talking with Alison Payne with the Peterborough office of the Cancer Society.  Our main focus is this year’s Peddle for Hope campaign which is already underway.

Next up is our monthly feature, Get Together with Kim.  This month, I chat with Kim Kilpatrick from Get Together with Technology about scanners and scanner apps.

Finally, we reach back into the archives to early June of 2019, and listen once again to a chat that former co-host Simon Treviranus and I had with Derrick, Newman-Still, who is a writer with a disability living in the Peterborough area.

Upcoming Easter Seals Telathon; National Disability Insurance Plan; Organ Donation Month.

My first guest is Coralie Jacobs, who tells us all about the upcoming Easter Seals telethon.

Next, I speak with Dr. William Cowie from Ottawa about his work to bring about a national disability insurance plan such as the one already established in Australia.

Finally, I dig back into the archives for a repeat airing of a chat with Steve Scally, chair of Lions District A3’s Gift of Life program.

Save-On Energy and Greensavers; Glaucoma Awareness Week; Article about Medical Aid in Dying legislation; Audiocraft Festival.

The show begins with a chat with Michael Thomassi, an outreach co-ordinator with Greensaver, a non-profit organization which assists people to conserve energy through energy-saving products.

Next, I reach back into the archives to 2019 for a chat with Maureen Summers, the low vision therapist with the CNIB office here in Peterborough about the prevention and treatment of glaucoma.

Next, we listen to an article from the Toronto Star about the recently passed legislation about Medical Aid in Dying.

Finally, we give yet another listen to an interview that I did with Ayesha Barmania, Managing Director of PIP—Peterborough Independent Podcasters about their upcoming Audiocraft Festival.

Screens Off for Sight; Anti-Fraud Month; Liver Month

First, I speak with Doug Earle, executive director of Fighting Blindness Canada about an upcoming fundraiser called Screens Off for Sight.

March is Fraud Awareness Month.  My  next guest is Ian Thompson from Trent University’s Information Technology Department, who outlines some of the ways in which people can protect themselves against scams, etc.

Finally, we dig back into the archives for a chat with liver specialist Dr. Morris Sherman about hepatitis-C.