Screens Off for Sight; Anti-Fraud Month; Liver Month

First, I speak with Doug Earle, executive director of Fighting Blindness Canada about an upcoming fundraiser called Screens Off for Sight.

March is Fraud Awareness Month.  My  next guest is Ian Thompson from Trent University’s Information Technology Department, who outlines some of the ways in which people can protect themselves against scams, etc.

Finally, we dig back into the archives for a chat with liver specialist Dr. Morris Sherman about hepatitis-C.

Get Together with Kim; Advocacy Campaign Continues; Audiocraft Festival Coming Soon!

The first of the month sneaked up on me last week, and I completely forgot about our monthly feature called Get Together with Kim.  This time, we discuss the various types of earphones and headphones that are available.

Two organizations that provide books in various formats to people who are blind, Deafblind, and partially sighted have just learned of cuts in federal funding.  I speak next with Karen McKay from CELA—the Centre for Equitable Library Access.

Finally, PIP—Peterborough Independent Podcasters is preparing to present an Audiocraft festival.  I speak with PIP’s Managing Director Ayesha Barmania.

March is Kidney Month; Peterborough Lions Club Loan Cupboard; Demonstration of E-Sight.

Today is a day to dive deep into our archives.  First, we hear an interview that former co-host Simon Treviranus and I did with Shelley Greene from Kidney Canada in order to mark Kidney Month.

Next, we hear an interview that Simon did back in 2018 with RayOstopovich, a Lion for the past fifty years who oversees the Peterborough Lions Club’s loan cupboard of wheelchairs, walkers, crutches, and canes.

Finally, Leslie Yee does a demonstration of a technical device called E-sight, which can be of great help to people with low vision.

Sleep Apnea, and Winter Safety When Walking with Your Dog.

Because February is Heart and Stroke Month, I dig back into the archives to replay an interview Norm Amerault from Vital-Air to learn about sleep apnea, which can lead to heart disease without intervention.

Next, we listen to an interview with a guide dog mobility instructor.  Michael Goehring takes us through all the things we should know when venturing out for a walk with our guide, service, or pet dogs during Winter conditions.

Scholarship Application Now Open, The Checkered Eye Project, and Summit on Age-Related Macular Degeneration.

Marcia Yale is not only the president of the Alliance for Equality of Blind Canadians—AEBC, and a co-chair of the organization’s Student and Education Committee.  She talks with me about the five scholarships that are now available for five fortunate applicants.We begin this program by talking about those scholarships.

Next, dig back into the archives for a chat with a lady about a product called the Checkered Eye.

Our last chat is with Doug Earle, Chief Executive Officer of Fighting Blindness Canada regarding a summit on Age-Related Macular Degeneration.  February is National AMD Awareness Month.

Introducing White Cane Week, Bookworms, and From The Blind for The Blind.

February 7 to 13 is White Cane Week during 2021.  First, I chat with Leslie Yee, Chair of Peterborough’s local chapter of the Canadian Council of The Blind—CCB, who outlines what White Cane Week is all about.

Next, Christel Gallachiuk tells us about a book club established by our local chapter of the CCB called Bookworms, in which both blind and sighted people can participate.

Finally, Debby Harryett is back with us to update the items we have in the lending library of articles for people who are blind and partially sighted, which is known as From The Blind for The Blind.  She also talks about some of the items that are needed.

Get Together with Kim, and 50/50 draw for Dog Guides of Canada.

We begin with our monthly feature, Get Together with Kim.  This time, we discuss the various methods of labelling items in braille.

Next, I chat with Maria Gallindo of Dog Guides of Canada about the various programs offered by the Oakville facility, and then about the centre’s upcoming 50-50 draw available to residents of Ontario.

Get Together with Kim, Phone It Forward, Blindshell Classic

It wasn’t until mid month that I realized that I had completely forgotten our Get Together with Kim segment, which we usually prepare for the first Monday of the month.  This time, Kim Kilpatrick, from the Canadian Council of the Blind’s Get Together with Technology program chatted with me about the compact but very versatile Victor Reader Stream.

Next, I spoke with Kathleen Forestell Lead, Advocacy and Community Outreach

CNIB Ontario East about a program called Phone It Forward.

As a contrast, I brought the program to a close by playing a recording featuring the Blindshell Classic, a phone with actual buttons rather than a touch screen.

CELA and the newly Rebuilt Peterborough Public Library.

For today’s show, I dug back in the archives to January, 2018, when co-host Simon Treviranus and I devoted the whole show getting our guests to highlight both the services of CELA, the Centre for Equitable Library Access, and the improved accessibility of our rebuilt library. Our guests were Lindsay Tyler from CELA in Toronto, and Karen Bischopp from the Peterborough Public Library.

Film about Louis Braille; Alzheimer’s Disease Awareness Month

We begin by playing the audio portion of a short film called Young Heroes, in celebration of the 113th anniversary of the birth of Louis Braille in Couvrais, France.

Next, a dig into the archives dredges up the interview that former co-host Simon Treviranus and I did back in January, 2019 with Sarah Cooke from the Peterborough office of Alzheimer’s  Canada.